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One World Medicine in Mission

Dr. Caleb O. Paniamogan, president of One World Medicine, led a medical mission team to the Philippines from May 30 to June 3. This organization was founded in Connecticut with a mission to help medically underserved places especially in third world countries. The team saw, and treated 1,815 patients, and gave more than 600 new and used reading glasses donated by individuals and churches in Connecticut and in our area.

One World Medicine members with varied specialties from Connecticut who went with the mission were Dan Cervanka, Lori Evans, Grace Malasankas, Lori O’rourk, and Jeanie Willets. Other volunteers were Rene & Butch Lacson, Marilou Pablo, and Prospero Galido from California; Abraham, Sr. and Jr., Nena and Rose Quijano from Michigan; Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. and Dan Polley of Nicaragua; Rev. & Mrs. Cesar Paniamogan and Cephas of Missouri; Willie and Daya Lisondra of Texas; Carrie Myer and Michelle Wiggins of Wisconsin. Local health workers led by Dr. Briones, were a big help during the clinic days.

The organization is funded by tax-deductible donations from individual members, friends, churches, and other organizations. Dr. Caleb gratefully acknowledges the cash donations from members of the Star Chapel UMC, Eagleville Christian Church, and the Cainsville UMC. The Paniamogans are also grateful for the medicines donated by Dr.
Larry Rabang of Des Moines, IA, and Drs. Cesar & Evelyn Yu of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

The mission is also thankful to the municipal government of Loreto through Mayor Andres Ladaga for the meals provided, and to ex Mayor Vil and Rev. Paniamogan for the housing of the missioners.