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LUSCAN Reunion 2009: Toronto, Canada

Preparations for the 2009 LUSCAN Reunion are already underway. The Toronto hosts were already discussing the reunion activities since Christmas time, when the principal host, Geronima Luib invited the group for a caucus.

At the 2008 business meeting held during the LUSCAN Bahamas cruise held in July last year, the Luib’s expressed their interest to host the 2009 reunion. Initially the Toronto bid was nudged in favor of sentimental favorite, California. However, the prospective host forfeited health reasons. Our prayers for hope and healing will continue for Lee Carmicer and family.

Then we learned and were shocked about Pros Galido’s illness and his remarkable and miraculous comeback- a testament to God’s Love and Mercy. A lot of our LUSCAN expressed their opinions to have the reunion back to California with the opportunity to visit and cheer up not one, but two of our fellow Loreteneos. Pros, our incumbent LUSCAN president, expressed that he and his loving family would need more time for recovery and rehabilitation, with God’s blessings.

So on to Toronto for the 2009 LUSCAN Reunion! In sickness and in health, amidst the current economic downturn, we welcome you this coming July.