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Loretenos and their History

LUSCAN was created in 1989, by Loretenos in the U.S.A. and Canada, initially to keep in touch with on another.  Members have been passionate and concerned about the communities in Loreto and Tubajon, Dinagat Islands, Philippines, and have been committed in bringing goodwill by contributing to the area’s development in educational and cultural needs.

Loretenos, also known as “Loretonians”, have been in the U.S.A. as early as 1915. These Loretonians, along with 30,000 Filipinos, came to North America as “sacadas” or sugar plantation helpers in Hawaii. Among them are:

1. Herman Acido – from Sitio Santiago

2. Manuel Patayon – from Sitio Santiago

3. Lucas Vargas (Ukay) – from Tubajon.

In the 1920’s, Pacifico Gupana came to study and later became an entertainer. Other Loretonians were Afron Eder from Loreto, Nandoy Rivera from Tubajon, and Delfin Ssicon of Malinaw. Conrado Sayson, a U.S. army, came to the USA after the war.

During the hippie revolution in the 1960’s, Loretonian professionals came to the U.S.A. and Canada as the need for workers was in demand.


Lovely Ompod Ocaba – Mississauga, Ontario
Rodolfo Gumato Malbacias – Georgia

Nolan Gumato Berador – Orlando, Florida
Vladimir Vic & Vanessa Clair (Alfaro) Varquez- Florida

Jofil Alfaro Diaz – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gerry Galido & Family – Missisauga, Ontario

Early Immigrants

These early immigrants served as inspiration to all who came to the promised land in search for what America is all about – prosperity and freedom.

In chronological order are Loretonian immigrants:

1960’s: Perpetua Quijano, Fe Quijano, Glorina Bagalay, Jose Comparativo, Azucena Gupana

1970’s: Nena Ladaga and Abraham Quijano, Thelma Gumato, Delia and Roque Yu, Carol and Cesar Paniamogan, the Luib’s of Toronto and California, Silay Ibanez, Victorina Nadonza

1980’s: Prospero Galido, Lino & Peggy Gumato, Rad Daguinod, Lilly Daguinod

1990’s: Bu Galido, Alfonso Ompod, Joylene Ompod, Maxcelli Berador, Ida Gumato (Lam), Leah Gupana (xxx), Becbec Lulab, Inga, Fausto Gumato, Marol Alfraro, Grace Davis, Marilou Pablo

2000’s: Mr. & Mrs. Gabrielito Reyes, Danny Gumato

2002: Thelma Abungan, Belinda/Edgardo Estrada, Rodolfo D. Ompod Jr.

2003: Frank/Esther Siscon, Corazon Liwat Moya/Jerry Garcia, Rudy/Carol Alconher, Nellie/Juanel Reyes

Quirico (Dodo) Lomarda Jr. – Pennsylvania
Floreto Conales – Los Angeles , California
Evangeline Inocando
Cristabeth Gupana – Pennsylvania
Maricel Yangzon – Toronto, Ontario
Ingrid Ladaga – Ridgecrest, MO
Joyzen, Buske – Boston, MA
Margarina Bakit Uriarte

Luscan reunions are held every year. Dietmar and Perper Grolich in Chicago hosted the first reunion.