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How to Donate

For years, these third-world class communities in Loreto and Tubajon have been disadvantaged for being remotely located geographically and deprived of quality services for lack of funding by the government and private sources. We are working together to help out whatever we can by sharing available funds that we voluntarily contribute annually. The first project of LUSCAN was to build a library at the center of town and furnish it with reading materials from voluntary donations in the U.S.A. The library was completed and currently under the management of the local government.

LUSCAN’s commitment is to bring goodwill to the communities of Loreto and Tubajon by enhancing its educational and cultural needs.

Every year, LUSCANs convene to discuss outstanding projects and future plans. Its goals are always aimed at providing quality resources that are available in the U.S. and Canada to the communities of Loreto and Tubajon in order to enhance the learning needs and cultural experience of everyone particularly school children and adults. By providing the basic facilities, including reading materials in the form of books and magazines, toys, sporting goods, etc. LUSCAN helps to enhance knowledge and life’s experience. Providing charitable services through medical missions is of great help to these communities that desire for much needed medical and dental treatments.

Reading centers are slowly emerging in the barrios with our donations. Medical missions to Loreto and Tubajon have been organized thru LUSCAN a couple of times with donations and services coming from big-hearted organizations in the U.S.A. such as the Fruitful Harvest Ministries and Griffin Hospital of Derby, Connecticut.

LUSCAN is Non-Profit, Non-Political

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