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Province: Surigao del Norte
Land Area (Sq. Km): 133.1
Population (1995): 8,048
No. of Barangays (1999): 10
Voting Population (1992) Male: 2,572; Female: 2,430

Situated in the northern tip of Dinagat Island, province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines, this town was created as a municipality in September 4, 1890 by then Governor General Manuel Sanchez.

Surigao del Norte lies at the northeastern tip of Mindanao and encompasses several islands, the most important of which are Dinagat, Siargao and Bucas Grande. It is flanked on the north by the Leyte Gulf, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the west by Bohol Sea and on the south by Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Sur. The terrain at the mainland is largely mountainous. The province has a total land area of 273,902 hectares divided into 27 municipalities, one city and 420 barangays with 2 congressional districts. It is a 3rd class province. Surigao City, its provincial capital, has 53 barangays.

Climate. The province falls under type II with no pronounced dry season, but a very prononced maximum rainfall from November to January. The average monthly maxima of 600 mm in December and January and monthly minima of about 150 mm in August and September. However, the incidence of rainfall during the same month in different years appears highly variable. The average number of rainy days per month is 20 to 25 from November to March and 13 to 18 from April to October. Although open to the Pacific Ocean on the Easter coast, the province is less prone to typhoons than eastern coast, at the further north which is exposed to about seven percent of all those hitting the Philippines.

Province: Surigao del Norte
Land Area (Sq. Km): 90.0
Population (1995): 6,155
No. of Barangays (1999): 9
Voting Population (1992) Male: 1,826; Female: 1,682

North of Loreto is the municipality of Tubajon which became a municipality on June 21, 1969

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