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About Luscan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALUSCAN stands for Loretenos in the USA and Canada. Loretenos, also known as “Loretonians” are originally from Loreto & Tubajon, located in the province of Dinagat Islands, Philippines. Loretenos have been in the U.S.A. as early as 1915. These Loretenos, along with 30,000 Filipinos, came to North America as “sacadas” or sugar plantation helpers in Hawaii.

LUSCANS support each other, preserve the Loretonian culture and tradition in the U.S.A and Canada, and help others who are less fortunate.  In the U.S.A and Canada, we enhance our lives through yearly reunions by sharing news about our towns and barangays (barrios) of Loreto and Tubajon.  Our gatherings create an atmosphere of community, sharing common interest and ways to further our goals to reach out to others.

The remote island communities of Loreto & Tubajon lie in the west central part of the Philippines. It’s location makes life’s daily needs inaccessible, unlike the developed cities of the Philippines. LUSCANS, who are more fortunate, are committed to help improve lives in these rural communities.

LUSCAN has built a lasting legacy to promote learning in the communities of Loreto and Tubajon. LUSCAN constructed the LUSCAN Library and has now become the source of knowledge for all high school students and grade school children. Also through LUSCAN, the medical missions of Fruitful Harvest and One World Medicine, have benefited people back home with medical care through charitable work.

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